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by claude thebault, Kaunas

The election of the 45th President of the United States took place in a particular context. The  new interaction of Saturn Uranus both in  Marsians signs, the latest were from 1512 to 1515 and from 1555 to 1557.

These critical periods have marked the expansion of the West as we know it today with a great mix of cultures and technical exchanges between East and Europe at this time. Imagine geography centered on the Mediterranean basin since Ptolemy 147, suddenly enriched with the constitution of the present continents globes with a world round and not flat.

Years 1512-2012 the original symbolism of this interaction have as keyword supremacy (concentration Saturn, Uranus political reaction) led by a European attempt to Universal Monarchy embodied by Charles V, the Holy Roman Emperor's last ' in the tradition of Charlemagne, distant and ultimate expression of the imperium Roman antiquity.

Then by the formation of empires specific to each European monarchies Portuguese New World South America, and Spanish, French, Dutch and British, the last expression is the Commonwealth.

From this set, one of the British colonies, 13 of North America embodied, for a little more than half a century the Western world leadership in its economic and military power. Europe declined step by step.

The findings, published in Astroemail during  summer of 2012, about previous interactions beginning in the year 54 all point to a struggle for power that can be described as dictatorial.

Murder of Claude by Agripina for  accession Nero imperator. Clashes in Rome in 1012 between Pope Benedict and the antipope Gregory VIII. Wars between sons of the Emperor Constantine to the succession to the Empire after his death.

Each interaction has struggles, wild and violent.

Only this one of 2012, with the concurrence of the conquest of presidential power in North America, suggested  that the constraints of violence, amid  Saturn and Uranus both in marsian signs, could smoothed by elective processes

We mistakenly thought it, without any further analysis of génitures candidates. Moreover, we have written it. Others than us saw  continuation of Obama, without further consideration.

We have opportunity to greet and compliment tem, especially Marc Cerbere website astresnet. org, or the Indian Kushal Humar in Bangalore.

After all, Charles V was elected by  German princes, buying their votes with the issuance of promissory notes drawn on the Fugger bank.

Obama and Romney each investing $ 1 billion buying well, in another form, too, their votes using modern means of bludgeoning minds. It will be necessary to analyze the 6 November election , because American and European forecasts are neither consistent nor convincing.

It was forgotten, too, that Charles of Gand did not gain the Imperium. The price, the cost, was life imprisonment for his mother Queen Joanna of Spain,  daughter of the Catholic Kings, at the convent of Tordesillas, recluse and captive until her death. Saturn Uranus both in marsians signs bear the seal of authoritarianism and intransigence. You can not compare these values ​​with the ultra liberal Republican, nor with the killing of people by the power drones Democrat Obama these past two years.

Conditions of semi American democratic vote have no correspondence with the expression of Caesarism. Roman legions marched past with their standards with this symbol SPQR senatus populae quoqusque romanun "on behalf of the senate of the Roman people." The people elected the people Quaestors and public employment, but the power was held by the Senate, the aristocracy. No democracy. Saturn Uranus both in marsians signs give not any rhyme with democracy.

American voting populism can not be equated with the expression of the coronation of the Imperium. We acknowledge having committed an error of assessment in the confusing electoral conquest period, with the proposed transfer of power within the meaning of interaction Saturn Uranus. Democracy, or its derivatives North American consent without consent of the people, to the ruling class are incompatible.

The U.S. november 6  election , 2012 is actually a refusal by the population of that country access to global leadership. And the role played by European States proxy, by the U.S. since the mid-twentieth century ends today with the beginning of the decline already started to American power. Clearing begins! Based on the observation of the non-transmission of power to a new leader in this country believed to be destined to assume leadership until 2100 when will be the next similar interaction.

Each interaction, since the year 54, is necessarily accompanied by a transfer of power. In America there is nothing like the past on 6 November. It must be acted!

In the same way that the empire of the West Delita after the reign of the Empress Placidia. This will be extinction for america too.

This is bad news for Europe in the sense that these countries are now exposed without any protection to actions from Thugs States (as defined in the classification of post-Cold War U.S. government) as well as Islamic and religious and immigration conflicts .

It will be realized over the next few years the NATO disintegration.

In which direction the power moves ? Where the power must still be passed by the end of the year 2012, period of entry of Saturn in Scorpio?

The leadership of the world is, faster envisaged in our case, China.

The fall in October Bo Xilai, a rising star of the party, condemned to death his wife, the murder of British spy lover's wife Bo Xilai, accusations of corruption against Prime Minister Wen Jiabao, in Western economic press in early November, the induction of Xi Jinping held on 8, we have all the ingredients found in previous interactions Saturn Uranus signs Martians during the formation of imperial leadership.

This means that learning Chinese is now necessary in schools in Europe to understand and adapt to the conditions of the new world.

A former minister of General de Gaulle, Alain Peyrefitte wrote a bestseller "When China awakes." The book now aged, but reading still recommended.

France, from this point of view is wrongly. Last trip of his president to Asia denouncing unfair competition by Chinese prices and competitiveness  takes the wrong path!

The laws of ultra-liberalism from  Adam Smith, Ricardo and other creations aimed at creating economic domination West are now obsolete. The free market within the meaning of liberal, according to the dominant term western protectionism is a concept store with a country whose currency the yuan is not convertible.

The West can rot with his money and banks, what happens elsewhere, since the battle will be for the division of the spoils.

Europe will not adapt to the new conditions that by going to Beijing time. It's too late for that now with Washington, which has lost its place as a model.

With a colored president extended,  black is drawn for USA. Decline of America is committed. A debt of 16,000 billion payable mid January 2013 for the Obama administration and its citizens. Europe must think to save his stake.

How long Europe will take  to understand it?

Claude Thébault

astroemail editor

Project Saturn Uranus interaction both in marsians signs

CT 11/12


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