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Blaise of Pagan, count of wonder, an heroic king Louis XIII warrior, respected counsel in french court, astrologer end of his epic life, when he was totally blind, wrote in "book of natural astrology" (1657) :

"astrology, in the past, was the name of both astrology and astronomy till Ephemeris became usually printed in Europe. After astrologers neglected studying astronomy and astronomers felt aversion for them"

For him, by his opinion, astrologers became lazy because of printing revolution (1460). It was easy, for them, to work with datas planets positions without any sky observation.

For that reason, astrologers, step by step, entered, and stayed in a fully fantasy world of fictions and illusions. First by using false and wrong datas for planets positions till now.

Some are prisoners of Pythagore Square like vedic and yotish ones. Others, as occidentalist, are prisoners of Pythagore Wheel, without any wishes to escape from this jail of mind. A mental drug. An addiction.  


From the time of Anaximandre of Milet (-650) everybody knows that planets are spaced by distances, with intervals between them. Only modern astrologers refuse this fact of knowledge and regress like ones in prehistoric ages on their sky drawings.

Since Kepler laws (1609) we know that each planet have 2 moves :

- sidereal on orbit, from 0° to 360°

- synodic with sun (aspects)

A right sidereal chart represent right datas and positions of each planet or orbit, and nothing more.

How to do it easily in 3 steps?

You need (without software):

- normal A4 paper sheets

- pencil

- compass

- geometric tool for mesuring angles

- ruler

First lesson : chart model

to be continued...

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